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Heavenly Garments Unlimited was founded in 2003 for the praiser and worshipper in mind locally, nationally and abroad. This business/ministry is about the kingdom of God is demonstrated in the use of flags banners and garments and many more creative instruments of worship. It all points to who Jesus is and His kingdom being manifested in the earth and who we are in Him. Angel wing flags, banners, garment overlays, square flags, non-traditional prayer shawls, billows and much more.


We are also available to minister at your events as the Lord leads and as provision is made.

Workshops and dance training  available for a donation

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This page includes important new designs ( Holy Spirit inspired) updates, where we are ministering and all the up comming events we will be at. Check back often!!.


-Shipping is extra on all products.

-I offer discounts on multiple items.

-Shipping costs are reduced when ordering multiple flags and streamers at once.

-PLEASE ALLOW 2-6 weeks for production/ shipping of items. Depending on time of the year.

-Items and designs (MAY BE MODIFIED) depending on availability of materials at time of ordering.

-Each item is lovingly crafted, prayed over, and anointed before leaving my shop.

-I am also available for speaking engagments and flags and banners workshops




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Thanks and Blessings!


Comments FROM OTHERS who purchased

While at my friends this morning; we parked in her driveway; I had those huge gold wing flags out & I got close to her & she started to get goose bumps s I told her how you pray & annoint every flag & said here hold these & she did & man the spirit hit her all over. She had goose bumps everywhere. How cool!!!


God Bless you! S.W.


Wing Flags: Truly Beautiful! Wonderful Amazing!! S.A.


(Wing flags) Once again. Great job! Blessings! P.C.K


WOW!! This product is beautiful anointed and uniquely created!! Dawn

Wonderful service and delivery .R.M.H


(Bridal wall banner) Absolutely Stunning! God bless you! Mary W.


Bless you!! Everything worked out perfect!! Vinnie


Carla we had a guest speaker this weekend & last night the war was on!!! Our Church has been in revival for some weeks now praying for East Tx & taking this area back. WELL a song was sung about a wall of Fire & the spirit hit me. I grabbed the Holy Spirit Fire Flag, then changed it to the fire flag. Boy God's presence was everywhere & so heavy. The music changed to more warfare & I felt lead to get my red wing flags & when I got back up front God told me to give my fire flag & H.S. fire flag one to each of the ladies up front with me. Boy were they surprised. Then I felt God tell me to get the Rainbow flag & give it to a lady in the congregation.

Flags are very annointed! Bless you Sue!




PURPOSE: To supply (holy garments) for praise and worship for those bold enough to enter into the Holy of Holies to pursue the Lover of their soul (Jesus Christ).


MISSION: It is a symbolic demonstration of who we are in Christ. To help individuals see themselves as God sees them and possibly ministering to unbelievers through the visual worship arts (who they could be in Christ if they receive Him into their lives as well). This ministry is a prophetic ministry that is also used to comfort, encourage and edify the body of Christ. Through visual worship.


GOALS: To bring on the (outside) what is on the (inside ) of every child of God

Jesus Said “The kingdom of God is within you” Lk.17:21

Jesus also said: “Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”Lk11:2


WHAT IT IS NOT : Not a fashion show

Not about outward appearance OR competition.

Not just a pretty garment

Not to (look at me) or (how pretty I look)























Priestly garments: Exodus 39


Royal garments: Ps.45:10-15, Ester 5:1


Bridal Garments: Rev.19:7-8 Is.61:10


Garments of Salvation: Rev.7:9, Isaiah 61:10


Robe of righteousness : Isaiah 61:10


Garment of Praise: Isaiah 61:3







Wing Flags: Is.6:2, Ps17:8, Ps. 55:6, Is. 40:31 Ezek.1:1-23



YELLOW: the joy of the Lord Neh.8:10 BRONZE: Feet of the Lord Judgment Rev.1:15

RED: Blood of Jesus Atonement redemption justification Rom5:9,1Jn1:7

SILVER: refine us as silver Ps.66:10 Redemption (price of)Ps 130:8,Tit.2:14

BLUE: The river of God Rev 22:1

GOLD: The glory of the Lord Rev.21:21

ORANGE : Fire of God Mal.3:2,Ex.3:6

GREEN: Mercy of God, Eternal life Rev4:3

WHITE: The light and glory of the Creator, Purity holiness Ps.51:7 bride of Christ

IRIDESCENT : the purity/ holiness of God Rev.4:3

PURPLE: Royalty Wealth ,Rom.14:17



































































GONI : la plateforme où tout s'échange
GONI : la plateforme où tout s'échange